Every leader and every CEO worth his salt, proclaim from the roof tops that the biggest resources they have are the people who work with them.

Are humans truly resources?

If they are, do people who call them invaluable resources believe so and treat them so?

The Eastern philosophies believe humans to divine. They believe that all living things, mobile or stationary, are divine inner energy.

Eastern philosophies are not religions in the current definition of our terms. They need not have a structure. They need not believe in one founder. They need not believe in one God. But, they all believe that humans have divine potential. They believe that the inner energy we have is the cosmic divine energy.

All Eastern philosophical teachings are about humans realizing this divine potential. I am God, You are God, God is in You, are amongst the most frequently resonated teachings in Hindu scriptures. Buddhist and Tao philosophies convey these truths  in subtler forms.

Eastern philosophies never believed in commandments. They never say, don’t do this. They point to the path and the way.

Western world, which includes the crucial Middle Eastern world, has religions. These religions arose from Commandments. They have prophets. They need to believe in One God. On who doesn’t believe in that God, to many, do not have a right to exist.

Western religions believe that humans are sinners. An innocent babe, as born, is a sinner. The baby must be redeemed from its sins by more sinful adults. To do this, these adults have to pretend to be above sin, when they aren’t.

This is the tale of Western religions.

Which religion do you think considers humans a resource?

One that treats them as sinner without any proof of guilt or one that leads them to divinity, even if they are with sin?

Every other aspect of our life, public and private, corporate and political stems from these beliefs. Western management talks about Theories Y and Z, with no belief to walk the talk. Humans are a necessary evil in the process of wealth creation, but then one must be politically correct.

This practical belief starts with our religious beliefs.

If you wish to change how you act towards another human, follow the Eastern philosophy and treat them as divine. You too are divine. Is there a problem in treating another the way you are?