Why do we blindly follow others, reposing faith in their ability to judge truth better than us?

From childhood, we as humans are conditioned to follow others. That’s our nurtured nature.

In childhood, parents tell us what to do and what not to, even as we toddle. Teachers then take over, teaching us how to walk and how not to. Questions are ruthlessly suppressed.

As we grow up, in reality as we grow down, others join in. Friends, colleagues, bosses, and spouses try to guide our lives. The one common belief that they all have is that we can’t manage our lives by ourselves. We too reciprocate.

There’s rarely a moment when someone encourages us to follow a path we design on our own.

From childhood, we are conditioned into a loss of self-belief.  People who are supposed to care for us destroy the inner energy that we came into this world with, the same way as was done to them. Religion and societal beliefs supersede inner energy and intelligence.

We are taught and forced to follow templates designed for us by others. Others design our foundations. At best, we build on them.

This is our conditioning even in the most basic of our activities, be it education, career or relationship, where the boundaries and operating parameters are reasonably well-defined. As we move into less defined areas such as spirituality, our belief in us is far less and the need for someone else to guide us is far greater.

Born into a conservative family, I grew up with Hindu religion and Hindu scriptures. I was introduced to rites and rituals to follow, which my own elders didn’t. As I floundered with complete loss of faith in religion, I stumbled upon spirituality in the form of meditation.

I was at cross roads and didn’t know what to do. Meditation helped me find my way out of my problems. Lack of self-belief stopped me from accepting that I could find my own solution.

I needed some one else to affirm that what I was doing was right. I looked for a guru.

Don’t make the same mistake!

I acknowledge the picture of this Cyber guru from the Internet!