Our lack of belief in our inner energy forces us to find others outside who we hope will reaffirm our faith in ourselves!

When I discovered meditation, all I knew was that meditation wasn’t the traditional religious path I had led earlier. Though it was an integral part of Hindu scriptures, somehow the traditional religious training i underwent bypassed it.

I had no templates to follow. There was no one to answer the myriad questions I had.

I struggled to find the convergences and the differentiators with whatever I had experienced before. I struggled to discover the inner energy i believed i had lost.

I didn’t have the self-belief or the knowledge to figure out why meditation worked for me. I wanted it to work for me in future, but wasn’t sure how. I desperately read whatever I could find on the subject. I followed many paths and none seemed to lead anywhere.

I was looking for a destination, one that would fulfill me. I met other ‘seekers’ who too struggled the same way. What we sought may have differed in detail, but we all shared a common theme of lack belief in our inner energyand a need to find something that would be the answer.

This was strange. Many of us were successful in our careers. Many of us had made enough money to last us the rest of our lives. Some of us even had made our relationships work superficially. We guided and controlled others in many spaces. When it came to looking into ourselves, we sought help.

Mullah Nasrudin explains this well. He searches under the street lamp furiously. He tells his neighbors that he is looking for a precious ring that he has misplaced.

After several hours a neighbor thinks to ask: Nasrudin, where did you lose your ring?

Responds Nasrudin: In my bedroom.

Asks neighbor: Why are you then looking for it under the street lamp?

Says Nasrudin: It’s simple. There is no lamp in my bedroom.

We look for something outside that we cannot find outside. No one can help us find our inner energy outside. Yet, we seek outside and seek help outside.

We don’t seem to think that looking for a guru is a paradox. Why?

I hope you like Mullah Nasrudin from the Internet, who I acknowledge!