A dog expresses gratitude in many ways.

It gives you a lick-over. It wags its tail. It circles you. A dog is so expressive in its gratitude because it has no words for us.

We, humans, have commercialized gratitude as a commodity through words, with words that no longer mean a thing. A ‘thank you’ as an auto response is like an email auto responder, cold, calculating and selfish.

The first time i visited USA, what struck me was the ease with which everyone asked me ‘how are you this morning’. Initially, it impressed me. Then, it struck me that they weren’t even looking at me, when asking. A few times i responded with, ‘oh, i feel awful’ and once, ‘i think i need to go to the hospital.’

The persons who asked moved on with a cheery, ‘great, have a good day.’

If you don’t believe me, try it. It is sure to work, especially in New York.

We don’t care about others, because we are too overwhelmed with ourselves. Our issues overwhelm us, because we ‘re discontent with what we have. We’re overwhelmed with fear and greed.

When i work with someone as a Coach, whether in life coaching or business coaching, the first thing i do is to make them express gratitude for what they have.

Most therapists start with the past, hoping to find something that they can fix. Coaches start with the future, asking where do you wish to be. Both approaches assume that there is something wrong with what we are.

There is nothing wrong with our present.

The present is truly a present, a gift from the universe to us. Through our discontent with this present, by regretting the past and speculating about the future, we spurn this gift of universe. We are ungrateful.

Gratitude is about the here and now.

Learn to celebrate the present by listing all that you are happy about. In comparison to billions around you, you are special. If all your limbs work, you are active, you have something meaningful to do and at least once a day you’re happy, you’re one in a million. Feel special.

Help others feel special. Coach them in gratitude. It helps them in life and business.

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