This is the prayer to our inner energy from the Brihadaranya Upanishad, a  Hindu Scripture.

We find it quite normal and sensible to look out for help in resolving issues, the solutions for which are already within us.

What we lack is belief in our inner energy, something that our upbringing has distanced us from. We believe that we are fools and there are wise ones out there who can solve our problems, as if by magic. Not true at all.

We seek miracle makers. We follow gurus who claim they are miracle makers. We suffer, often in silence.

Gurus exploit our foolishness. No guru can solve our problems. No guru can bless us with health, wealth, and happiness. Those who pretend they can, are fakes.

The word guru in Sanskrit means one who leads us from darkness to light. The darkness lies outside. The problems lie outside. The solution lies inside, in our inner energy and intelligence. No one from outside can help us tap these.

Only we can find our way from the darkness outside to the light within that reflects our inner energy.

No one, who is outside and in the darkness, can lead us out of the darkness. Even if he has found his own light, it’s his light, not yours. Trying to use his light to find our inner energy is like Nasrudin searching for the ring he lost in his bedroom under the street lamp outside.

Each one of us has to find and experience our own answers to issues that we have.

We have the potential to resolve all our problems and the answers to all our problems. All we lack is the self-belief. The only guru who can help you is the inner voice within us. Hindu scriptures refer to this as atma guru, the spiritual teacher residing within, our inner energy.

Very rarely do these gurus have the courage to say this to us. It’s the rare Ramana and the rare Nisargadatta who said this openly. The acerbic and irreverent Osho also said this, but he used our ignorance to mock us and make money.

Ramana and Nisargadatta merely told us to look within. They did not attract millions of followers and billions of dollars.

Why aren’t they popular?