Ramana Maharishi had only one prescription to all.

Look within, he said. Enquire within and discover who you are, your inner energy, he said.

It’s too difficult, we say, give us a pill that we can swallow for instant enlightenment.

Many oblige. These wise men smile at us benevolently, speak of love and compassion, speak in tongues we are unfamiliar with that we do not have the patience to learn, and generally make us feel good by giving us physical and emotional salivators.

These are con men. They are brilliant psychologists. Some are superb mentalists. We suddenly find in them the ‘love’ and ‘compassion’ that our spouses, children, bosses, colleagues and friends do not seem to provide. We are Pavlov’s dogs in front of them. We capitulate and surrender.

Seeking enlightenment, we become enslaved.

I was one of the many captivated and captured. It took me six long years to wake up from what seemed a sweet dream, which in fact was a nightmare. It was a nightmare in which my guru was my hero, no, my God.

I lost myself in that illusory dream, believing it as reality. I was encouraged to lose myself, my personality, my relationships, my wealth and whatever else mattered. I was told to renounce, because that was the message of Gita and other scriptures.

I lost myself believing I was gaining something precious. I believed i was regaining my inner energy.

One day, I found my guru doing everything he told me not to do. Everything he asked me to lose, wealth, power and women, he furiously gathered.

He said: I need not do what i tell you to do. I’m enlightened.

Was he? Are they?

Hindu Scriptures say: You are God. I am God

Gurus say: I am God. I am aware I’m God, while you are not! Let me show you how to be God! Surrender to me and be enlightened.

Enlightenment = Awareness of Divinity

Why don’t we believe we are Gods too? What do we lack, except belief in ourselves?

None of us know what or who God is. We pretend to. We create God in our image. No guru knows too. The guru creates God in his image!

Now, I know one thing for sure. I am as enlightened as any guru. I can find my way within and find that light that comforts me. I don’t need someone else to show me the way, simply because no one else can.

There is no guru without. Anyone who claims to be is a nightmare. Kill him without mercy!

If you need help, call me.