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Tao 11: Emptiness is Inner Energy

Many spokes form a wheel. The central hole, the axle, holds the wheel together. Without this emptiness, the wagon won’t move 11.1

Who is a leader?

Is the leader the axle or the spokes?  What is a team? What gives a wheel its strength? What gives an organization its strength? What gives society its strength?

What is visible is not always what matters. In a load bearing wall, you don’t see the bricks. You don’t see the mortar. The paint that you see is not what holds the wall.

We get impressed by what we see. Why we impressed by presentation, its slickness and delivery? What about content?

Where lies the inner energy of what we see?

The potter makes his pot with clay. Its inside is empty. Without this emptiness, the pot cannot be used. 11.2

The universe is 99.99% emptiness. We call it vacuum. We now know it’s energy.

Whatever you see as solid, under a powerful microscope is emptiness. The nucleus and electrons of an atom occupy less that 0.01% of the space?

Why does this emptiness seem solid? Why can’t you and i walk through a wall, if you, I and the wall are emptiness?

What is emptiness? What is solidity? What is full? what is not?

Can we believe our eyes? Can we believe our senses? Can we believe our mind?

Is anything we perceive real? Why do we see what we see?

Who am I? am I the pot? Or am I the space within? Where lies my inner energy?

Wooden doors and windows form the house. We live in the emptiness. We see what there is. What there is not sustains us. 11.3

What seems to be, entertains us. What we do not see, sustains us.

Matter is unreal. Energy arises when matter moves out.

How do we ‘see’ this energy? How can we connect with this inner energy? How do we interact with what we do not see and understand?

We are energy. We need not try become part of the energy. We just need to be.

Become still. Look within. Then you see what you’ve not seen so far. You connect with all that’s around you, but didn’t realize was part of you.

Then you become whole.