Here is a simple and safe technique that will instantly energize you.

It will also transform you if you practice at least 21 minutes a day for 21 days.

In accepted general parlance, we call this a meditation technique, but it’s not dhyana from a Patanjali Yoga perspective. It’s a centering technique, called dharana. It also raises and harmonizes inner energy.

      • As always with all such techniques, sit comfortably in a stable position. It does not matter where you sit, on the floor cross-legged, or in a chair. Keep feet firmly unmoving on the floor.
      • Keep your hands on your lap. Keep the first three fingers touching,  forming a circle.
      • Keep eyes closed. Relax. Don’t move or fidget.
      • Breathe deeply for 7 counts. Hold for 7. Exhale for 7. Hold for 7. Inhale again. This is the breathing cycle. if you do it slowly each cycle will take about 30 seconds. Practice before you start.
      • There are seven steps plus setting an intent step to this technique. At each step practice as many breathing cycles as you have time for and you are comfortable with. Do 1, 3 , 5 , or 7 at each step. 7 slow deep breathing cycles will take you to the ideal of about 21 minutes over 7 steps.
      • Step 0: Set yourself an intent. Make it positive and realistic. Let it be as simple as ‘let my inner energy energize, nourish and nurture me’. The number of breathing cycles that you use here, will be the same for the following 7 steps.
      • Step 1: Visualize a bright, beautiful, nurturing ball of energy at around the perineum point, where your thighs meet the trunk. This is the root inner energy center or Muladhara chakra, but don’t worry about names or technical details. No one knows where they are, since these inner energy centers are virtual. Feel the energy ball pulsate and radiate inner energy from this point. Breathe as many cycles as you did in the intent setting.
      • Step 2: Let the inner energy ball move to your groin, just above the genitals. This is the groin inner energy center or Swadishthana chakra. Breathe the same number of cycles as before.
      • Step 3: Let the inner energy ball move to your navel area. This is the navel inner energy center or Manipuraka chakra. Breath the same number of cycles.
      • Step 4: Let the inner energy ball move up to the heart area, center of the rib cage. This is the heart inner energy center or Anahata chakra. Breathe the same number of cycles.
      • Step 5: Let the inner energy ball move up to the throat area. This is the throat inner energy center or Vishuddhi chakra. Breathe the same number of cycles.
      • Step 6: Let the inner energy ball move up to the point between eyebrows area. This is the Third Eye inner energy center or Ajna chakra. Breathe the same number of cycles.
      • Step 7: Let the inner energy ball move up to the top of the head.  This is the crown inner energy center or Sahasrara chakra. Breathe the same number of cycles. Let the energy move out into the space above you.
      • Make sure you complete all 7 steps. This is one cycle. If you like, start again, but never stop halfway. You must complete the full 7 step cycle and in each step breathe odd number of cycles with odd number of breaths as instructed.

I have taught this technique to thousands of people with excellent results.

Some people with deep-rooted unconscious memories may feel tremors at certain points. If it’s uncomfortable, don’t stay long at those points. Cut short the breathing cycle in those alone. If not painful, continue and observe objectively where the discomfort arises from. Reliving the discomfort and the emotion attached to the discomfort usually relieves it.

In the next post, shall explain how you can use this as a visualization  technique.