Yes, money can grow on trees, not merely in one dollar greenbacks, but in the highest denomination notes, like the Singapore $10,000 bills too.

I acknowledge this picture from the web and hope it helps create the mindset in you to be wealthy.

We can call it by many names: Law of Abundance, Law of attraction, Law of Potentiality, Unlimited Power or Energy, Creative Visualization or even The Secret. They are all about just one thing, awakening your inner energy to connect with the energy of the universe.

90% of the people who want, want wealth. The rest may be unhealthy people seeking good health or people in bad relationship seeking a better partner. Almost all people who are reasonably healthy and in reasonable relationships, seek wealth. Wealth does not guarantee happiness, but its absence does guarantee unhappiness.

There are some great books written on this subject of how to achieve more wealth than what one has. Two seminal books i am aware of, both written nearly a  hundred years ago are:

Several others have added to this genre, notably Shakti Gawain‘s Creative Visualization, Anthony Robbins‘  The Giant Within etc. Latterly, The Secret became a huge best seller.

In simple terms they all say the same thing.

  1. The Universe is ready to give us everything we want, wealth, health, relationship & happiness.
  2. We store limiting beliefs within our unconscious that blocks the energy of the Universe.
  3. We can shed these limiting beliefs and let the Universe give us all that we want.

This is what the Hindu scriptures said over 5000 years ago: We are what we think.

In order to make this happen, just follow the following simple guidelines.

  • Decide on what you wish to be. Don’t worry about the negative limiting beliefs you already have. Don’t waste your time analyzing them. Just set yourself new goals or intents or beliefs, which are positive, tangible, and realistic. These can be as simple as ‘I wish to be healthy, happy and wise.’ Let these be SMART goals, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time line based. Set this goal or intent before you go to the next step.
  • Ensure that the intent is simple, positive and holistic. Don’t wish for a disease or pain to go away. Instead wish for good health. If you wish for wealth , wish for wealth along with health and happiness. Otherwise you may end up with what you wish for, mere wealth, leaving you in poor health or unhappy.
  • Now, let yourself into a state where you can influence the unconscious.  Do this through simple meditation technique i outlined in my last post. Or you can use other meditation techniques. These allow you to center within and re-frame the unconscious beliefs. You may or may not remember your intent during the meditation. That’s ok.
  • At the end of the meditation, ideally 21 minutes, visualize the actualization of your intent. Had you wished to be wealthy, healthy and happy, visualize yourself in a real life situation reflecting all these, in dynamic reality, in color, in 3 dimensions, and with all sensory inputs. Make it as real as it can be.
  • You have experienced the reality of your wish in your mind. That’s enough to re-frame your belief system and set your mind your work on the fulfillment of your wish in consonance with the universe. Now let go. You may like to let the visualized reality of your wish float away as a balloon, for instance.
  • Thank the universe for making your wish a reality.

This seems very simple, and it is simple. It works. Just try.