This clip from You Tube posted by Dashama on Surya Namaskar for beginners is good enough for any one to start with.

Surya Namaskar, literally Sun salutation, is the most basic and the most integrated of all Yoga asana postures. Don’t look any further. Just master this one sequence and you would be an expert.

Asanas, physical postures, which help integrate body with mind and spirit must integrate with mind and inner energy based processes within Yoga to achieve what Yoga intends. Yoga, as we said before, is the process of uniting mind body and spirit actively.

Asanas are generally individual postures. You may sit cross-legged in the lotus posture of padmasana pose or on your haunches in the vajrasana pose. When these individual poses integrate into a smoothly flowing sequence, asanas become far more effective. Yoga terms them as vinyasa krama.

Vinyasa krama is sequence of asanas that lead you to a peak of inner energy and then bring you back to normalcy. They are a scientific combination of different asanas prescribed by Yoga traditions, and not for amateurs to put together as they wish. Different vinyasa kramas claim different health benefits. All vinyasa kramas come packaged with pranayama, breathing techniques.

Of all vinyasa kramas, Surya Namaskar is supreme and the perfect template. It’s the king of asanas, and the emperor of vinyasa kramas. This is the only sequence of asanas that need to know and practice for good health as well as for spiritual progress.

A cycle of Surya Namaskar of two half cycles, one leading with the right leg and the other with the left leg. Each half cycle has twelve steps. A prescribed full Surya Namaskar routine is twelve full cycles. This then has 288 steps in all. A person in good health and in good practice can complete this in less than an hour.

Practice this instead of any other exercise. Not onely would your body be healthier, but also your mind and spirit.

Learn from an experienced teacher. Don’t follow books or video clips.

Bihar School of Yoga in India is the best teaching institute to my knowledge. They would teach you with the mantras and meditations as well to complement the asanas and pranayama, making it a fully integrated Yoga exercise.

Practice it in the open, early in the morning, facing the Sun and saluting the cosmic energy.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!