Hope you like John Lennon on karma as much as you like this post!

People often ask me, especially young people, whether what they have done will cause them bad karma. They have done something that society disapproves of. They believe that this is morally wrong. They believe they have violated a code of religion, one of the Ten Commandments. They feel guilty. They feel bad.

The problem is with the feeling of guilt, not with any karma. Karma does not care. It is a wheel that moves on with time and space, regardless. What stays with us is the feeling of guilt, remorse, regret, whatever you may call it. The feeling that we have somehow done something wrong haunts us in pain.


Who decides what we do is right or wrong? What right has religion or society have to decide on the rightness of what we do? What relevance a piece of stone Moses found zillions of years ago has to do with our life today? Do we find honesty and nobility in the religious and societal leaders we find around us today?

Why then do we worry about morals and commandments? Why are we conditioned as slaves of our conscience?

What is conscience?

The way we apply the word, conscience is the inner reflection of the outer conditioning of societal and religious rules. These rules are about control. They are here to ensure that there is some order within the societal framework.  Children need such rules. Do we need them as adults?

We don’t, provided we work by our consciousness. Consciousness is the inner energy, the inner voice that guides us on our purpose in life. To be conscious, we need to know why we are here. We need to know who we are.

This is too much to ask. So, we move away from consciousness to conscience. We move away from maturity to conditioned behavior. We move away from freedom to slavery.

If you want to move into freedom, read on!