I thank the source in internet for this brilliant cartoon!

So, you have done something you feel is morally wrong. You have violated a code that your elders have brought you up on, one that they conditioned you to. You have a sense of overwhelming guilt.

You are a man. You are a man undergoing the male menopause in your middle years. You are happily married and have children. You stray and have an affair. You feel guilty. Why?

Do you feel guilty because you have broken one of the Ten Commandments? Have you violated a cannon of the religious principles you have been brought up on?  Are you worried that if the affair becomes public, your social image will suffer? Are these what bother you?

Isn’t the solution pretty easy then? Just go Church and confess. Or go to a temple and offer money and pray. Or do whatever your religion conveniently provides as a way out for such transgressions. And do whatever you can to keep the matter secret.

Every religion and society provides a way out for all our errors in judgment, whether you call them sins of omission or commission. You can repair the damage on a Sunday and go to sin again on a Monday. If you are a Hindu, you can take a dip in the Ganges and offer a cow to a Brahmin. Many of us do that, don’t we?

Or, are you really concerned that you have violated the oath that you took along with your wife on your wedding day? Are you concerned that you have broken a covenant with the most important person in your life? Are you concerned that whether she knows or not, how this will affect your relationship?

Do you genuinely feel sorry for what you did and are willing to make amends or are you merely going through the motions of guilt removal?

Is your conscience bothering you? Or is it your inner energy, your consciousness that wants you to follow the right path?

Your karma will depend on your intent and response, and not on your act alone.

More on this later.