Hindu scriptures say that we acquire and store karma in three ways.

These are the Past Perfect karma, Past karma and Future karma, called sanchita, prarabda and agamya karmas.

There are two important beliefs here. One that there is no karma acquired and stored in the present moment. Second is that the past has two parts, the past long since gone, and the past recently experienced.

Past perfect or sanchita karma is the accumulation of the mind set of all one’s actions of the past. Remember that karma is not about the actions. It is about the intent of the actions that create a behavior pattern in us. It is the mind set created in us by the repetitive behavior pattern we indulge in. It is the modified inner energy we retain within us.

This is perhaps what Freud called Id. This is perhaps what scientists call the reptilian brain, which stores the memories of all our experiences since evolution. These memories drive us through the fight or flight responses, the instinctive responses that we need to survive. Karma is about survival.

Of this large accumulation of actions, memories, emotions, feelings and other stuff that constitute our mind set, which in turn drives our behavior, we download the most recent into this birth. This is the Past or prarabda karma. In a sense, this is the essence of our evolved behavior until now. We bring this into this world as our template for the present life. It is our inner energy and purpose of this life.

This is the basis of the principle of reincarnation.

Hindu scriptures say that this prarabda karma defines our present birth. We, our last inner energy, chooses our parents, our location of birth, our environment and all that we needed to fulfill the mind set we had created till then, based on this prarabda karma.  We choose our parents, not the other way around. They are a means to our end.

So, children do have a right to sue their parents, if the parents do not help them fulfill what they set themselves out to do n this birth!

More later.