Philosophers and theologians ague endlessly about one’s purpose in life.  That’s their purpose.

The rest of us lead our lives prompted by an inner call, an inner energy. Unfortunately, often enough, our environment and upbringing tampers with this inner energy and corrupts it. We are rarely brought up in life. Our environment brings us down.

I spoke about the Past or prarabda karma in the last post. The mind set that our inner energy carries over from our last birth defines what we are in this. In turn, this carried over inner energy defines what we do in this life. In turn, this inner energy leads to what we shall be in future births.

This is what Buddha and Shankara, in two seemingly different philosophies, bring together as the common point of the continuing life cycle of birth and death, samsara.

Shankara, in his evocative Bhaja Govindam, prays to that Supreme Intelligence to row us out of this ocean of life and death that carries on and on. He says: Born again and again, dying again and again, each time carried in a womb for months, I have had enough My Lord, please row me ashore to You.

Our actions in this life leave our foot prints in the future, even when we see it as an ocean!

Krishna says to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita some place: Your last thought in this life determines what you are born as in your next.

For many years, i thought that all i had to do was to think wonderful thoughts as I get ready to die. I thought of Mahatma Gandhi, who even as he collapsed in a heap shot by an assassin found time to cry out ‘Hey Ram’, the Lord’s name.Let me think the Lord’s name, i thought, i shall be home free.

As I reflected more, it dawned on me that the word ‘Ram’ resonated in Gandhi throughout his life, which was why it emerged unassisted even as he died. What would many of us die with? ‘Hi Dollar’ or Hi Sweetheart’? What resounds in us as we live our lives?

Can we change that in that last moment?

What we are through our lives creates a mind set and a behavior and a thought that emerges with ease as our last breath leaves our body, never to return in this life time.

How do create a mind set, a prarabda, in this life time that would leave a positive footprint in our next birth?

Read on, even if you do not believe in next births!