Religions other than Hinduism and Buddhism do not believe in a life after death.

Despite whatever pre-Christian Jews may have believed and whatever one may interpret from what the Bible says Jesus said, most Christians and Muslims today believe that their life begins and ends with what they experience now.They would rather rot in hell taking the slim chance of enter a heaven than choose a return ticket.

One can argue forever. Since no human has come back from the dead,  resurrection being reserved only for super humans, it is difficult to establish the truth either way. It’s all a matter of belief.

For me, it’s convenient to believe in a life after death. It’s like apple pie and  bread pudding.

As a practicing Hindu, the possibility, no the certainty, of rebirth gives me some control over what happens to me after i die. If my inner energy lives on, as the Bhagavad Gita leads me to believe, the way i lead my life now determines what i become thereafter. I control my prarabda or past karma, which determines my future.

This thought is more comfortable than that of leaving my fate to a judgmental bearded old bloke whose computer may also suffer from garbage in garbage out issues.Who said there are no viruses in heaven?

As old man Socrates said, what difference does it make anyway? Either way, whether you are reborn or you suffer in hell, you don’t have  a chance in heaven of knowing now. Why bother? Just drink poison.

Rebirth gives me an option of a brief sojourn in heaven too. Even if as some philosophers say heaven and hell are states of mind, the thought that i may get a break having been so insufferably good in this life makes hope spring in me.It rejuvenates my inner energy.

So, dear friend, believe in rebirth. It does one more good than not believing in it. Unless one is a jihadist, who the mullahs have brainwashed into awaiting the vestal virgins after he blows up US monuments. There are no virgins in heaven.

Let me interpret what Krishna says about this in the next post.