In one of the most quoted verses of the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita, its proponent Krishna says that our inner energy, the eternal spirit, moves from one body mind to another with the same ease with which we change clothes several times a day!

Krishna is no ordinary person. In Hindu mythology, he is the god of gods, being an incarnation of Vishnu, the centerpiece of the Divine Trinity. Hindu scriptures call Krishna  the perfect incarnation of Vishnu. Krishna is the eighth in a series of ten incarnations that Vishnu comes in to save this world from evil forces. What Krishna says means a lot to believers.

Apart from belief and faith, what Krishna says makes a lot of logical sense.

We are here in this world one minute, alive, kicking and breathing. The next minute, the lights go out. We stop breathing. The mind stops. The body dies.

If you observe dead bodies, assuming you are not afraid of them, you will find a sense of calmness even in those who have died unnatural deaths. Whatever may be the pain the dying may have gone through is not reflected in the facial expression of the dead. Contrary to what you read in tabloids and pulp fiction, the dead carry no expression. If you don’t believe me, take a look next time.

We exit the world calmly, even if we do not smile. The dead seem relaxed. The body may turn stiff, but the face retains a calmness. The spirit, the inner energy, leaves with no fuss. It has changed garments. It has found another suit.

As the inner energy departs, it makes a note of its last memories, desires and mind set borne out of these memories and desires. Many, who have recounted near death experiences, say that they experienced a flashback of their lives , moment by moment, before they returned reluctantly.

We judge ourselves as we leave. Our inner energy, the eternal spirit, judges the life its last garments led and decides where to go and how to move forward. That is the prarabda karma, which decides the course of its next set of garments. It’s that simple.

More on Krishna in the next post.