When we are born, our inner energy enters a brave new world with a new body mind with a baggage of its past.

Krishna says the inner energy is eternal, pure and incapable of being affected by any of the cosmic energies of earth, water, fire, air and space. He also says that this inner energy carries with it the desires of its past body mind life, even as it sheds one body mind  and assumes another.

I accept both as true and logical statements.

In his book Biology of Beliefs, cellular biologist Bruce Lipton shows how we program our cells through our behavior. He stands conventional scientific wisdom on its head. Traditionally, behavioral scientists have believed that our cells, our DNA, determine our behavior. Bruce Lipton says otherwise.

So do many other recent studies of our brains and cells. Repeated emotional outbursts cut deeper and broader neural path  ways, leading to more of the same behavior. We develop a mindset based on a type of behavior. The behavior builds upon our way of thinking. As the Upanishads said and Buddha reaffirmed, we are our thoughts.

Our thoughts, behavior and mindset influence our cellular structure. They influence our progeny. They influence our inner energy.

We gift our children our emotional baggage. We gift ourselves our past as a  baggage into our future.

Matter and energy are intricately and intimately related. They influence each other. When we talked about chakras in earlier posts, i described them as energy centers that affect and influence our emotions. Our emotions in turn affect our physical body systems. There is no thin line separating the body matter and the mind energy. They overlap completely.

Our individual energy system overlaps the global collective energy system. We are not islands, as John Dunne said. We are an energy ecosystem.

The energy that sustains us while alive does not perish when the body matter perishes. It recreates another body. It enlivens another body. It carries with it the subtle essence of its past experiences.

How can we influence our past karma, the prarabda karma, to ensure a better future?  Can we? Yes, we can!