I acknowledge this lovely Balinese wooden statue of a woman looking within!

Tao 13: Balance in Love

Fear success as much as failure. Whether you go up or down, you are unstable. Balance yourself on the ground. 13.1

Tao, the Way, is about the center. It is neither good nor bad, neither success nor failure, neither excitement nor depression. It is about balance, harmony, calmness and relaxation.

What we do, we do with expectation. We desire success and we fear failure. We ought to fear success too!

Success can depress as much as failure does. Success in one space of our life can create a big hole in another. Material success can destroy relationships and health.

We change cars every year. We change houses every three years. We change spouses every five years. These are measures of success in the civilized world. What do these success factors bring us? Do we become happy?

Chasing something and running away from something can never make us happy. Centering on what we have will.

Hope limits as much as fear. Both are unreal. Both rise from ego. When ego doesn’t exist, how can fear and hope serve? 13.2

We run towards things that excite us. We run away from things that scare us. Greed and fear control our lives.

What for do we run? Why do we run away?

Every breath brings with it its desires and fears. This is a reflection of how we wish to control our lives. We do not trust nature, which brought us into this world, to nurture us.

What can we control? Can we even predict with certainty that we shall take the next breath in?

We live in denial and delusion.


Look at others as you see yourself. Look within and believe in yourself. Love others as you do yourself. Care for all. 13.3

We wish to control. We would like to control all the 6 or 7 billion inhabitants of this world, all of whom have similar aspirations of wealth, health and relationships.

Do we ever try to control ourselves?

Looking within and understanding one’s inner energy is the purpose of our life. The journey within connects us to every other being on this planet.

One who conquers himself conquers all. He does not have to make an effort. Others follow him as the leader.