Is it all about Me? I acknowledge this cartoon from my Google search.

The first principle of Thomas Leonard, the master coach, is ‘Be come incredibly selfish’.

At first glance, this is what Donald Trump or some one similar, fully engrossed in things material would have said. It is difficult for me to take this at face value, coming from Thomas Leonard, respected as the father of coaching in the United States.

For your own better understanding, you may like to read his Portable Coach or look up material at Coach U and Coachville, institutions that still operate on his teachings.

In Vedic philosophy as well as in the  Buddhist philosophy that followed many of the non-ritualistic Vedic traditions, the purpose of one’s life is Self Realization. Self Realization is the congruence of one’s ego, the self, and the inner energy, Self. The simple truth is that the deeper one is centered within the lower one’s ego is.

Self esteem is a big thing in the Western world now and catching on fast elsewhere. Where does this desire and obsession with self-esteem spring from? The less one things of ones elf, the more we would like others to think of us.  Lack of self-confidence leads to the need for self-esteem.

To someone centered within, there would be no need for attention from others.  Whether someone grins at us or growls at us wouldn’t make a difference, if we didn’t interpret it as something personal. If we are able to empathize with the other and appreciate why he or she grins or growls, interpreting it as the other person’s expression based on that person’s moods, and not a reaction directed at us, 90% of our interpersonal problems would vanish.

Can we be non judgmental in our need for attention and therefore response from others to us?

This is the hallmark of a coach.

Being incredibly selfish, not superficially selfish, takes us to a state deep within, where we exist for others.  We become coaches!