In his nineteenth principle Thomas J Leonard says: Perfect your environment.

An ancient Vedic scripture, a Upanishad opens with this invocation.

You are perfect. This Universe is perfect.

You the perfect being arose from this perfect environment.

After you the perfect being emerged from this perfect Universe, it remains perfect.

May peace be upon you and the Universe.

Thomas Leonard restates what the Vedas said 5000 years ago. It is still a valid truth.

The only value i would add to this statement is that there is really no need to perfect your environment, since it is already perfect. It is our perception that is not. All we need to do is to change our glasses and shift our perception.

A thousand years ago, a great Indian Vedic scholar Shankara said:  The Universe is not what you see. It is what you create!

What Shankara said then, encapsulated in his principle of maya, has now proven to be true by Quantum Physics.We now know that sub atomic particles, the building blocks of our Universe,  behave differently to different observers. Nothing in this Universe is fixed. Everything is a probability.

Don’t believe me. Ask your neighborhood physicist.

When everything around us changes every microsecond and every micrometer, how can we, the insignificant piece of perishable material in this vast Universe, make our environment perfect.

Yet, we can, by knowing our place in the Universe.

The Tao is all about this truth of how being in flow with nature, the Universe and the energy around us and by flowing with that energy using the guidance of our inner energy, we can be a powerful change agent without even attempting to change anything.

A good Coach needs to understand Tao.

Perfection does not happen through force. It happens with energy. In Newtonian physics force and energy are related. In Quantum Spirituality, force and energy are very different. When you do not force, you brim with energy. You relate to another through energy, not through force. Tat is alignment. That is perfection.

May peace be upon the good Coach!