Well, if you believed that only humans hoard, then this internet picture i acknowledge, dispels that notion. Our ancestors too tend to hoard!

Thomas Leonard says in his fourth principle: Build a super reserve in every area!

Don’t just aim at your current needs, but be greedy and hoard for your future, he seems to say. How does this tie in with bis earlier statement asking us to unhook from our future?

What is this super reserve? Is it about our material possessions or is it something else? What does he mean by ‘in every area’? Is it humanly possible to hoard for every conceivable contingency?

Hoarding is a state of mind. Unchecked it is an addiction, a disease. Alcoholism and drug addiction are driven by hoarding needs as well.

Super reserve is also a state of mind. It arises from the concept of abundance. It stems from the feeling that irrespective of what we now have or don’t have, the Universe has it in store for us in plenty. All that we need to do is to ask. All that we need to know is to knock.

We shall be answered.

Many of us, many a times, feel insecure. The more we have the more we feel insecure. A pauper has no insecurity about being robbed or losing wealth. Only a wealthy person has that privilege. This insecurity arises from the feeling we do not have enough. However much we have we need more.

I keep meeting people who say that they need several million dollars to feel secure. I ask them whether it takes that much money to live comfortably or to educate their children or to take joyful vacations. No, they all say, it’s just in case.  One guy who said he needed 50 million dollars to feel good and was desperately working at it, lost his job when he was in mid forties. It took a long time for him to figure out that he really didn’t need all that wealth, nor would he be able to target it now.

Build the reserve in your mind. Believe in the abundance of this Universe. Believe that what you ask will be given.