I love this picture, its joyousness, inner energy and vitality! I acknowledge this internet contributor.

Thomas Leonard in his fifth principle says: Add value just for the joy of it!

The woman i this picture is a rare person. The pure joy in her face says it all. How many of us can express ourselves so simply and yet so  joyfully.

Children can, and all children do, until grown up or grown down adults interfere and interrupt their communion in joy. In their carefree innocence, children are joyously curious. They go about a natural exploration of people, things and environment without any specific purpose. The purpose is to live and live joyously.

By doing this,  they add enormous value to everything that they touch. Just being in a child’s company removes one’s stress. Their joy and innocence is infectious.

Why can’t we adults be like children, joyous, carefree and uncomplicated?

Our conditioning as we grow up closes us to the environment. Suspicion replaces innocence.  Knowledge replaces curiosity. Fear and worry replace joy. The minute we think of smiling at a stranger, an unknown but familiar voice reverberates warning us not to. Our undermining belief systems rob us of the joy of our childhood.

Just imagine how simple life would be if you celebrated whatever happened to you. Just imagine how simple life would be if you truly believed that the Universe always acts with your good in mind, and even if seemingly unkind events befall you, you can face them with equanimity knowing that this too is good for you.

I have come across people like that. It is truly invigorating being with such people. Nothing can go wrong, because there is nothing wrong with the Universe. The energy beyond us nurtures us. It has no reason to damage us.

The true vocation of a coach is to spread joy. It is to spread joy for no reason. It is to spread joy that adds value.