I thank the internet source for this poster, even though this post is not self promotional!

Market your talents shamelessly, says Thomas Leonard in his seventh principle.

For many of us, self promotion is embarrassing. This is especially so in Eastern cultures. People in these cultures grow with belief in harmony and self-deprecation. To defer to others, especially to one’s elders, is part of one’s duty.

Even in the Western world where advertising is what sells, and every one successful person deserves a public relations agent, many try to believe that their success is due to innate talent rather than promotion.

Marketing one’s talents is the skill of matching one’s skills with the needs of others. It is also the ability to believe in oneself and confidently display that ability without losing faith in oneself.

Often, we give up half way. We know that we have what it takes, but the efforts seems too hard. It doesn’t seem worth the effort to struggle so hard to showcase one’s talent, when the going gets tough.

Understanding one’s own strengths and promoting those strengths with conviction and faith differentiates those who succeed from the ones who fail. This understanding arises from self-awareness. The self-awareness comes from contemplation.

We take time from a busy day to oblige people and give them appointments. rarely do we value ourselves and give ourselves an appointment. How often have you sat down all alone and thought about yourself? When was the last time you seriously did an inventory of your strengths? How long ago was it that you planned a course that would wind through your strengths to a success that you have wished for and one that your talents deserve?

If not recently or never, why not? What have you been busy with lately?

Marketing your talents is not about seeking a PR agent. It is about discovering your hidden potential that needs to be unlocked.

That is what coaching is about.