I acknowledge this great sketch that so wonderfully captures the concept of this post.

In his twentieth principle Thomas J Leonard says: Develop more character than you need.

In life, we usually become who we model. Since models change as we age, we also change.

In our early years, one’s father or mother becomes one’s role model. We try to mold ourselves after them. We ape them. Their approval becomes our key factor of satisfaction. When we progress into school,  a teacher may replace the parent as our role model. We idolize that teacher. In our teens, a celebrity may replace that teacher. Sight unseen the celebrity, a rock star, an actor or a sports hero, becomes the object of our veneration and the focus of our life.

All these illusions and delusions drop one after another, a new one replacing the old. By adulthood, if we are lucky, some of us realize that role models too have fatal flaws. People who we put up on pedestals have feet of clay. We then focus on  ideals rather than idols.

This is how our personality develops. This is how our character changes. No one i know has stuck to the same interests that one had in childhood in later years. One’s personality and character change, evolve and develop over years, perhaps not always for the good as others may see it.

Most of these changes are conditioned by our environment.  They are influenced by what happens to us through external interactions. Through all these changes, and perhaps influencing these changes is a small yet persistent inner voice that does not change. The only problem is that most often we do not listen to it.

Those who take the trouble to listen to this inner voice do not change. They transform.

When we develop the ability to listen to this inner voice and then feel the inner energy that drives this inner voice, we are no longer influenced by what happens around us. We become centered.  We no longer change reacting to what happens to us in the world we live. The world dos move around us, but we no longer ride the roller coaster.

We become a witness. We become non judgmental.

We go beyond our self into our Self. That is the path of a coach.