In his eleventh principle Thomas Leonard says: Create a vacuum that pulls you forward.

Don’t push, get pulled, says the guru. Makes a lot of sense, since getting pulled requires lot less energy expenditure than pushing. You get others to do the work for you.

The Law of Attraction, the big secret that was never a secret, is all bout getting pulled. The universe is a magnet with a treasure chest attached to it.  All that we need to do is to get our selves positioned in that magnetic field.  We only need to align ourselves by aligning our values and beliefs to the unlimited giving potential of the universe.

The message of the Tao is the same. Be pulled, do not push. Flow in the path of nature, says Tao. Be like the reed in water that bends in the direction of the water flow. Don’t be the hard rock, defiant and arrogant, which the flowing river reduces to dust over time.

How do we align ourselves to the future that is ours? How can we create that vacuum that propels us forward?

Look out for others. Don’t focus on yourself.  Help others to move forward so that they create the wake that carries you forward.  Do not struggle against others believing that the killer instinct is the way to succeed. More often than not, it kills you.

Bruce Lipton‘s seminal book ‘Biology of beliefs’ talks about how the DNA of ours cells is about collaboration and not competition. Nature intended us to help each other, not fight and destroy each other.

When we are nurturing , compassionate and caring, people around, the world and the universe respond to us in turn, They nurture us, care for us and help us move forward in compassion to the end we desire.

This is what coaching is about. It is not one way. It is not merely the client who benefits. The coach too benefits. It’s a mutual learning process that pulls the coach forward in his journey.