I acknowledge this lovely picture of a rain forest from the internet.

Thomas J Leonard said in his fourteenth principle: Thrive on the details.

More often than not, gurus advise us not to miss the forest for the trees or not to sweat the small stuff. Once in a while some other gurus tell us that God lives in the details!  Here, the coaching guru is quite explicit.

I find it difficult to understand the difference when people argue this point. I can understand superficiality and how that is no good. But, i find it difficult to understand how one can take a macro view without knowing the micro details. One converges into the other. One emerges from the other.

It is like saying forget the present and focus on the future. It’s the present of today that turns into the future of tomorrow. If you don’t mind the present, there may not be a tomorrow. The present are the trees and the future is the forest. Can we build a forest without planting trees?

At the same time, should our vision stop at planting trees rather than creating a forest?

When i studied Logic decades ago, i learnt that there were two branches of Logic, Inductive and Deductive. Inductive logic focused on details and moved from details to generalizations. One observed human beings and found that all humans had two feet, two legs, two eyes and so on, and surmised by induction that all humans had these features.

Deductive logic started with universal assumptions and applied them to specifics. Knowing that all humans have these features, we deduce that you and i too have the same features. What is important is that these two are complementary. Inductive and deductive Logic are  two sides of the same coin, as are trees and forests of our ecology.

A coach too has to look at both, details as well as a holistic picture. Unless you thrive on details, you cannot get the total picture.