Hope you love the Beatles on Please Please Me as much as i do!

In his sixteenth principle Thomas J Leonard says: Show others how to please you.

This comes in two parts.  Allowing others to please you and being pleased.

How can anyone please us if they don’t know what pleases us?  I generalize people in two types on this behavior. One type of people who are easy-going, easy to lease, pleased with most things they come across in life and being proactive in letting know of their simple needs in life. Such people spread joy wherever they go.

There is another type that you generally wish stayed at home, or you stayed at home. They are unhappy with almost everything in life, no one and nothing can please them and i am not sure if they know what can make them happy. They are depressed and depress others.

These type of people cannot be coaches.

Coaches are joyful and spread joy around them. They are easy to please and set out their requirements transparently. They also expect their clients t do the same, so that respect and trust can spring mutually.

There can be only reason for some one not be open about one’s needs and likes. It is to test the other person and prove that person to be wanting.  In modern management even quality control staff do not do this. After the Toyota Production System replaced the Statistical Quality Control System pioneered by US auto giants, it’s all wysiwig, what you see is what you get. Everyone on the shop floor knows what’s right and what’s wrong and have the right to do something about it.

The second issue is about being pleased. When our needs are simple and we realize that the purpose in life is to be joyful and making others joyful, being pleased and pleasing others becomes a habit.

One then becomes a Coach!