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In his eighteenth principle Thomas J Leonard says: Sensitize yourself!

To some, the easiest way out of their problems is to withdraw from them. Some go to the extent of committing suicide, which is the ultimate withdrawal, leading to rejection of life.

Some may not go that far, but start believing that the best way is to ignore what happens around them. They find themselves too sensitive to handle the rigors of life. They find themselves reacting to situations and people. They find themselves controlled by what happens around them. They feel helpless. They withdraw.

Withdrawal is regressive.

The Confucian ethics represented by these three Japanese wise monkeys extended beyond seeing, hearing and speaking no evil. The fourth monkey, normally left out crosses its arms, doing no evil. The symbolism was not withdrawal but an active avoidance of bad deeds.

None of us can be inactive. As Krishna says in the Gita, to act is human nature. We need to know how to act. To know how to act or how to respond to a situation instead of reacting to a situation, one must be aware. One must be aware on oneself and one’s environment. A Samurai or a Zen master does this naturally even with eyes closed. One can become aware even with the senses closed to the external world.

In fact, one can only be aware when one senses turn inwards.

You can sensitize yourself by repeatedly throwing yourself at the world. Just recollect how often you continue to do things that you regret later, like getting angry, impatient and desirous. They repeat despite learning because you are not ‘really’ aware. Your conscious mind may be aware, but the huge 90 per center subconscious is not.

Sensitize yourself to your Self!

The only proven way to do this is meditation. If you want to know, go back some pages on these posts.

You may end up a better coach!