In his twenty-first principle Thomas J Leonard says: See how perfect the present really is.

The present moment is the only time when we are really whole and integrated.

In Hindu mysticism, the Sri Chakra represented in the diagram above, is a two-dimensional representation of the Universal energy frozen in time and space.  Its various overlapping triangles, circular and square shapes represent different dimensions of the time and space energies. It is used as a symbol to focus and center on one’s inner energy.

Have you ever really thought about the present as the only time element that really exists? Just the way as the point where you are now is the only space that is real?

All else is illusory.

The past is history. It will never come again. The future is fictional. It is mere speculation. Any space other than what you occupy now is irrelevant to you. What matters is the HERE and NOW.

When the Vedic Hindu philosopher Shankara spoke about life being maya or illusion, he never meant to say that life is not real. He meant that life exists only in one time and space dimension. Rest of what we consider life is illusory. Since time fleets and space shifts, nothing in our life is permanent. Everything is temporary. It is the impermanence of life that maya refers to.

This is why the present is truly a present, a gift, from the Universe. Unfortunately, we do not treasure it. We also do not understand how to freeze ourselves in the present.

Several thousand years ago, philosophers and mystics in ancient Vedic India pondered on this dilemma of how to freeze fleeting time.  Patanjali, the father of the science of Yoga, offered the ultimate solution. Freeze the mind to freeze time, he said.

Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutra, a text of 196 verses, defined an eight fold path that one can practice to freeze the mind and time. This, he said, leads to the union of mind, body and the inner spirit and realization of the Self.

If the eight limbs of Patanjali’s prescribed path are condensed to one essential element, that would be meditation. Meditation is the way of the ultimate coach.