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Thomas Leonard says in his twenty-third principle: Orient yourself around your values.

I wonder whether i am the only one confused between values and beliefs. I am also confused when trying to understand the difference between thoughts and feelings.

To talk about the simpler difference, the best non technical explanation that i have heard says that thoughts are of the mind, feelings arise from the heart. This means that feelings have an emotional content and are from the heart. Ergo, this perhaps means that the mind is unemotional.

I shall leave this to semantic scholars who have little else to do to sort out!

What about values and beliefs? Are they different?

What about noble values and undermining beliefs? They are different, aren’t they?

Why should values always be good, whereas beliefs may be good or bad? If our values are not so noble and good, as indeed those of Hitler were not, should we still orient ourselves around them?

It is easy to say that to have integrity, our thoughts, speech and actions must be congruent. Does this mean that if our thoughts are evil, we can continue to act evilly and still maintain integrity?

I have across many people who profess honesty and make a big deal about their values and integrity. I have known many companies, which publish voluminous ethics documents. In practice, there is a huge variation between what they say and what they do. Everyday, we hear about such people and such institutions in our daily dose of news.

Do such people not have values? Or is that their values are different from what we expect of them?

What about you? How much of what you preach, you practice?

I spent many years of my life following a fraud guru whose actions turned out to be totally different from his teachings. His values had flaws, as i perceived them, but he did follow his values. Perhaps, i expected him to follow my values.

Should Thomas Leonard have said: Orient yourself around my values!