I acknowledge this cartoon from the Net.

Thomas Leonard says in his twenty-fourth principle: Simplify everything.

Of course, we do simplify everything, everything that fits into our perceptual framework that is.

NLP talks about meta models of generalization, deletion and distortion.

We learn a few things, we are conditioned by a few experiences and then we generalize based on these. We use inductive logic to expand from the few to all, with insufficient support. We chunk up without establishing a foundation.

We also delete and distort what doesn’t ft into such generalization. Dogs bite but our pets don’t and our neighbor’s barking dog certainly does.

This is not Thomas Leonard meant.

Not having known him or taught by him, i guess i am at an advantage. I can take liberties. Perhaps he meant that we focus on what’s important.

This leads me to another diversion, that of another guru, Stephen Covey. He is the man who created the infamous two by two matrix on what’s important and what’s urgent that time management experts swear by, without even understanding what’s wrong with it.

Urgency has nothing to do with importance and value, especially if it’s not urgent to you. When Covey and time management experts advise us to delegate what’s not important but urgent, do they really understand what they are saying. Dump the rubbish on those who can’t refuse is the message.

There is only one category of stuff that’s worth doing and that is what you decide is really important to you. It’s your choice, i tell my coaching clients, you need to make up your minds. Do remember to fit those with your values, purpose and vision.

Zen is not about purposelessness. Life’s journey is the purpose.

I do believe in Pareto. He has stood by me in difficult times. So, i tell my coaching clients to rely on Pareto and mercilessly chop off 80% of what’s on their table. For good measure, chop another 80% and they are left with about 4% of what they started with.

This is simplification. This is Zen. I am sure Thomas Leonard will approve. I hope coaches agree.

Do this with everything, your thoughts, feelings, words and actions.  Watch the magic happen and the miracle unfold.