There is no truth. Truth lies in each moment: Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi


Recognize and Tell the truth is Thomas Leonard‘s twenty-sixth principle.

It does take a saint to speak the truth about truth.

What’s truth?

Your truth is not mine. Hitler’s truth was not that of the Jews he annihilated. Bush’s truth was not that of the Iraqis he mass destroyed.

Does a doctor tell a dying patient that she is dying? is there a unanimously acceptable answer?

Perhaps a coach can afford to tell the truth, even it harms the client. But, does the client benefit with such coaching?

Unfortunately, all truths are as we perceive them to be. They are all judgmental. The truth before Copernicus was that the Sun went around the Earth. Those who didn’t believe deserved to die. That has been the way of life since its creation. Why is it any different now?

I don’t know what truth is.  But, i do know what my coaching client wants and what may benefit him.

Just because Thomas Leonard said so and institutions founded by him teach so, doesn’t mean what he said is meaningful.

Most, if not all of us, cannot recognize a truth from a lie, let alone tell it as the truth. As Ramana Maharishi said, and as Buddha and Zen masters over time have repeated, truth is relative. It is not absolute. It is limited by time , space as well as the observer.

This is what Quantum Physics says today.

There is no certainty in nature. There is only probability. What is true of sub atomic particles is true of the universe as well. Truth is relative to the observer.

The celebrated Vedic philosopher Shankara called this maya. People interpret maya as illusion. It is not. Maya is real, but it is relatively real. In absolute terms, all our experiences are  impermanent and therefore maya. Buddha called it anicchha.

Truth is not what you are conditioned to believe and perceive and recognize to be true. It is as unreal as a lie. The only truth in a coaching relationship is the welfare of the client.