I acknowledge 1000 Ventures site and Max Landsberg for this graphic.

Krishna said:

Arjuna, why are you affected by all that’s not true and pure

They don’t suit your values and drag you down for sure 2.2

Partha, this impotence does not befit you

Rise above this weakness and become you 2.3

Krishna, the Coach listens to his client Arjuna for an entire chapter in silence. He then speaks.

Some experts classify Coaches in 4 categories. Based on whether the Coach acts through behavioral issues or knowledge issues, the Coach acts either through Will or Skill. Krishna, the ultimate Coach represents high Will and high Skill. There is no one better than him to coach Arjuna.

Different situations call for different strokes. Arjuna has sat down in the middle of a battle field, in full view of his enemies, refusing to fight. This is no occasion to molly coddle Arjuna.

Arjuna is a warrior, one who has faced fear all his life and conquered all he had faced. It is a momentary confusion that blinds Arjuna, not lack of courage.

Krishna goes straight to the point and challenges Arjuna: What’s all this nonsense? Where are your values and beliefs? What you have spouted so far do not belong to you. You’re not this cowardly creature that you present yourself as. Stand up and be authentic.

When mentors tell would be coaches to be gentle, passive, polite and always positive, one should remember Krishna. Tough clients, especially successful executives and CEOs don’t need namby pamby mollycoddlers as Coaches. They would like to be told the truth, They would like the Coach to hold a mirror to their face and show them the warts they have refused to see thus far. The Coach must act in the client’s best interest.

If good words, positive affirmations and a good bedside manner are what a client needs, then the client ought to go to a hospital, not a Coach. The client is then facing death, not battle.

Krishna is a warrior Coach. He is the supreme executive Coach.

Krishna tells Arjuna to be authentic. I can write a book on authenticity. The Johori Window technique is all about discovering the authentic ‘me’.

Arjuna needs to recognize his purpose in life, rediscover his value systems and redefine his beliefs. He then needs to establish the vision for the battle that faces him.

Krishna, the supreme Coach, does this.