Do what you need to do, never linking it to its outcome

Act, be not idle, though you are not the cause of outcome   2.47

Do what you need to do, not worried about failure or success

Doing, being in your Self, Yoga is that process  2.48

Wretched are those focused on outcome, inferior

Stay centered on action alone, and be superior  2.49

Centered within, judge not outcome as virtue or vice

Focus on action not result, this is Yoga for the wise  2.50

The wise are centered, disengaged from outcome

They are freed from birth and death, liberated in wisdom 2.51

Gain in wisdom and go beyond delusion to be

Disengaged from what you hear and see 2.52

As you become free from what you hear and see

Centered and stable, you enter Yoga easily 2.53

Just do it, says Krishna. Don’t keep worrying about what  the outcome will be. Don’t worry about being successful or not. Do what you need to do.

Krishna is not talking acting impulsively. He does not say, act without thinking about consequences. He asks Arjuna to be centered and stable, going beyond delusion and gaining in wisdom.

We act in three modes of our intellectual capability. At the lowest level, we act instinctively. The reptilian brain goads us into the flight fight response based purely on unconscious fears and desires.

This is the behavior of animals and many of us relapse into this mode often. We react to events around us.

At the next level we analyse the environment around us before we act. We respond instead of reacting. We use our intelligence, the pre-frontal cortex functions, to make sense of our  sensory inputs before we go into action.

In this mode, we act as humans, with intelligence, in a rational, thinking, analytical mode. We factor in success and failure. If we believe we would be successful, we proceed. If not we give up.

Krishna is not talking about either the instinct or intelligence modes of reaction or response.

When we center in wisdom, yet another door opens to us. This is the door of intuition. It is the domain of the divine, far superior to intelligence.

Intuition is the space of Yoga, when the senses are in control, the mind focuses and we Fourth State or the Turiya State, defines by Patanjali as samadhi.

A master coach operates on intuition, not on intelligence and certainly not from instinct. Self awareness leads to intuition.

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