Every one follows what a leader does

They do what he does 3.21

 All that there is in the three world is done by Me

There is nothing for me to gain, and yet I act  3.22

 If I were not to act, Arjuna

All will follow me in inaction 3.23

 The worlds would perish if I do not act

I shall be responsible for destroying all living beings 3.24

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One of the reasons that Hindus revere Bhagavad Gita as a scripture of divine origin, despite the fact it’s part of the purana, or an epic, is the authenticity of Krishna as its deliverer.

Mahabharata, of which Bhagavad Gita is a small part, is an epic, part mythology, part history. One may dispute its authenticity and history. However, no one disputes Krishna’s authenticity. The sheer audacity and energy with which his words resonate embed him into the Hindu psyche as the complete divine incarnation or purnavatara.

Krishna is king and politician, playboy and philosopher,  man and superman. He straddles the skies with his feet firmly planted on the ground. This is the divine vision that he grants Arjuna in the midst of the Kurukshetra battlefield, as his viswarupadarshan.

Here, he is nothing if not audacious. The universe will collapse, he says, if I do not act. If I were not to act, you and all others who follow me and imitate me will sink into inaction and perish. So, even though there is no reason for me to act, since I am everything and I have everything, I do. My job is to preserve the universe and for this reason alone I need to act.

At one level, Krishna answers an earlier query of Arjuna, about whether he should act or renounce. At another level, he tells Arjuna to follow him.

What is there to renounce if one does not act? You many say I am renouncing action. A sloth bear does that in hibernation. A wounded animal does that powerless to live. Renouncing action does not require any capability. It is the path of a coward.

As Krishna pointed out before and will keep pointing out again, the path of the warrior is to act and yet act without attachment to results.