Whether a wise Brahmin, a cow, an elephant, a dog

Or one who eats dogs, all are same to the Wise    5.18

 Birth and death conquered in equanimity, The Wise are flawless

Like the Supreme Truth, Brahman and reside in Brahman  5.19

 One who knows the Supreme Truth, Brahman is aware and firm in Brahman

Neither joyful with the good nor regretful with the bad  5.20

 Unattached to senses, the Wise is always joyful in the Self

His Self engaged in the Supreme Truth, Brahman  5.21

I acknowledge this picture from the Net which seems to be made for this verse.

As a Brahmin, the twice born and at the top of the caste pyramid, i find it relevant and amusing when Krishna equates the Brahmin with a dog, and seemingly worse a dog eater. In his days, nothing would have been more against societal norms than eating a dog!

Since i love dogs more than humans, let alone brahmins, and i don’t really mind what one eats, whether dogs or cats, this may be one verse that supports my claim to enlightenment. Many gurus today claim enlightenment with far less !

Here Krishna coaches Arjuna on samatava, equanimity. Equanimity happens when there is no judgement. No judgement happens when there is no emotional or rational engagement with what one observes and experiences.This is what Shankara talks about in his verse Satsangatve Nissangatvam in Bhaja Govindam.

When i write here i try to be non judgmental. When i take pot shots at hypocritical gurus from time to time, based on my personal experiences, i do know i sound bitter, but sharing my experiences may help another. Had i been in samyama, like a Ramana Maharishi, it wouldn’t have mattered. My connection with you, dear reader, would be the same as with a dog or a dog eater!

i get flamed once a while by people who do not take issues with me on issues but blame or insult me for my ego or judgment. Being called ignorant and egoistic does help me move farther away from ignorance and ego, but the critic may stay where he or she is caught in a web of deceit. While i shrug it off, it would add value to me as well as the critic if what is being criticized is not i but my opinion.

I am certainly not in Brahman. Worse still, i haven’t met any one who is in Brahman. Can i therefore conclude that it’s impossible? To me it’s like a hyperbolic parabola, where the asymptotic lines tend to meet the axes at infinity. Brahman is the infinity and i am the parabola striving hard to touch.

So, i guess is Arjuna!!