Pleasures of the senses end in pain as they begin and end

The Wise does not enjoy them.                                                5.22

 One who while alive before liberation from the body

Controls desire and anger is the Yogi, a joyful person 5.23

 The Yogi who is joyful within, lives within and focuses within

Is joyful in the Brahman and becomes the Supreme Truth, Brahman    5.24

 The Wise having overcome all ignorance and doubts, controlling senses

Serving others, live in the bliss of the Supreme Truth, Brahman   5.25

 Those who are free from desire and anger, controlled in thoughts,

Self aware, are always in the bliss of the Supreme Truth, Brahman  5.26

I acknowledge this lovely depiction of Shiva from the Net.

Moving towards what we like and moving away from what we don’t is not merely based on instinct, but also ingrained in our DNA. Bruce Lipton in his Biology of Beliefs says that in his experiments as a Cellular microbiologist this behavior is clearly visible with cells. In a Petri dish, cells and parts of cells move towards nutrients and away from toxins.

What’s the big deal, you may ask, i knew this all along. The big deal is that Krishna says we need to move away from this DNA if we are to be Self Aware.

Desire is a product of our human physical sheath, the gross body. Each breath, the energy of prana, keeps us alive with the desire to be alive. When the energy within has no longer that desire to live, the prana that leaves does not return. Lief and death are that simple.

Fulfillment of desire creates more desire. It does not create permanent fulfillment or content. The happiness we experience upon fulfillment of  a desire is temporary.  This is why Buddha classifies desire as the cause of all suffering. In addition, fulfillment of desires creates pride and ego.

Non fulfillment of desires creates anger at being thwarted of our birth right. Greed, fear, pride, ego, anger and all such emotions overlap each other on the foundation of desire. The temporary pleasure of fulfillment invariably leads to pain  with the realization that this fulfillment does not continue. Human greed is limitless and is the source of all pain. Ramana Maharishi says: this universe is limitless and can provide for the needs of all, but even this universe cannot provide for the wants for the single person.

Needs are limited. Wants are unlimited. Wants arise from human greed. I do not know of any animal that suffers from greed. No animal hoards food, covering or shelter like humans do.

These verses are about the need to separate our wants from needs.

Why have i used Shiva to make  a point? Of all the deities in the Hindu pantheon, Shiva moves desire less. He is the ultimate yogi. His desires, fears, anger are all in the present moment, expressed and released. The word Shiva means auspiciousness and bliss. Shiva’s bliss is uncreated. It’s the  anahata ananada, sat chit ananda, which has no source, no destination and no path. It’s not even an experience. It just is.

I often meet people, especially in the corporate space, who are obsessed with making money. We need this to help our children and their children, they say. They are ready to make this planet uninhabitable for their grand children ecologically in order to create wealth for them. Do they realize that moments after they are gone, even a loving wife may not remember them. Shankara says hauntingly in his Bhaja Govindam, ‘ When the breath leaves the body, even your wife is disgusted with your body. What are you thinking, you moron!’

A senior finance executive lost his job and was escorted out of his office by corporate security a week after he confided in me that his short term goal was to make twenty million dollars. He was nearly jailed. A few months later, he was back in the game to make his millions.

When will they ever learn!