Disconnected from outside, attention on the third eye, breath balanced

Senses, mind and intellect in control                                     5.27

Freedom from body mind attachment as the only goal,

Free from fear anger greed, the Wise one is already liberated            5.28

The Wise one knows Me, Lord of all Worlds, Lord of all sacrifices

And with that knowing attains fulfillment                                5.29

I acknowledge this picture from the Internet, Shiva’s Third Eye.

What’s Third Eye and why has Krishna referred to it?

The Vedic mind body energy depiction talks about a virtual energy network within us. A similar concept exists in Traditional Chinese Medicine and probably in such ancient cultures as Egypt, America etc. Our body has a network of energy pathways, called nadis in Sanskrit, and centers where they meet, called chakras.  There are six chakras, starting from the root chakra at the perineum point where trunk meets thighs and ending at the point midway between eye brows, the Third eye chakra. The gateway after the final third eye chakra is the crown center, atop the head, where the feminine kundalini Shakti energy meets the super conscious Shiva.

 The Third Eye chakra, called Ajna chakra or Will energy center, is the master center of all mind body energy. It is linked to the Pituitary gland, the master gland. Like the Pituitary  controls all other glands, Ajna controls the  remaining chakras. This is named the Ajna or Will, based on the a belief that when one acts with one’s attention focused on this chakra, action will lead to desired outcome.

Ajna is also the center of our ego, both positive and negative.  Moving beyond Ajna, leads to conquering of ego, and enlightenment where Shakti meets Shiva. When as Krishna says one’s attention is on Ajna, one can conquer ego, moving to liberation from desires. Liberation from desires leads to liberation from all bondage and attachment, which is liberation and fulfillment.

The Third Eye is the center of Self Awareness. A simple meditation that is very effective follows.

Sit comfortably on a chair or cross-legged on the floor, if need be with a cushion to support one’s seat, and with spine erect. Keep your feet planted on the ground , if on a chair. Keep hands loose on your lap, with first three fingers touching forming a circle. Close your eyes and keep your attention on the Third Eye, the point at the middle of eye brows.

Inhale deeply, visualizing that you’re drawing energy into your body. Next, hold your breath for as long as you are comfortable, visualizing that energy spreading through your body.   Next, exhale all the stored breath, visualizing that you are expanding into the Universe. Finally, hold after exhalation, again as long as you’re comfortable, visualizing that now you’re now one with the Universe.

Keep repeating this cycle for as long as you can, to your own rhythm of comfort, without counting seconds for inhalation, holding, exhalation and holding., all the while with attention on Ajna.

This is the most powerful of all pranayama or Yoga breath control but rarely taught.  The first ten verses of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra,  instructions to Parvati about reaching Him teach this breathing process. Read Osho ‘The Book of Secrets’ or Bihar School of Yoga ‘Ascent’, to learn more about these verses and the most powerful dharana techniques ever taught.

If you have doubts on how to , mail me. Like the Ajna is the King of Chakras, this technique is the King of meditation techniques, combining asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana and dhyana.

It helps you to know That and be One with That.