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Shiva touched upon the basics of chakras, the mind-body energy centers in the last sutra.

In tantra, yoga and all of Vedic scriptures the mind body system is energy. Mystics of Vedic spirituality understood and taught this truth thousands of years before Einstein proved it to the rational world. The Vedic mystics said that the energy of the universe is the same as the energy of the living system. Microcosm, they said, is the same as the macrocosm. Today, we know it as Quantum Physics.

So it is about probability, and that’s a separate subject. From these mystics down to Shankara, there is one unvarying truth they all taught. Nothing is certain, nothing is real and nothing is permanent as matter. The energy behind and beyond matter is permanent, indestructible and real. The entire concept of rebirth is based on this truth. The mind body matter dies, but not the energy. Occidental religions do not still accept this scientific truth of the Vedas.

Many quote Buddha on these truths. Buddha did talk about them. But, Buddha followed the Vedas and Upanishads , which existed a fw thousand years before he did. His interpretations of these truths were not very different from the original. Vedas, especially the Upanishads, do not talk about religion. There is no mention of gods and goddesses in them. It’s all about energy.

Brahman is the only real cosmic energy. Atman is the mirror of this cosmic energy resident in living beings. Atman equals Brahman.

Shiva, or Bhairava in this case, is the symbolic atman resident in us at the sahasrara chakra, the crown energy center. Shakti is his inseparable active counterpart, who resides at the other end of the nadi highway, at  the mooladhara chakra, root energy center. The sushumna nadi, running through the spine, is the energy highway connecting them.

In the last verse, Shiva said : When Shakti moves from chakra to chakra, from the muladhara to the sahasrara, through ten more chakras, getting subtler and subtler, she reaches Bhairava at the sahasrara.

In this sutra, the fifth dharana, Shiva says:

As Shakti rises like lightning 

Through twelve chakras to the Twelfth

Bhairava dawns in glory

Swami Satyasangananda says in the Ascent that once the kundalini energy crosses the knot or granthi at the manipuraka chakra in the navel area, the energy can only go up and not reverse. Its movement is swift as lightning, leaving sensory experiences destroyed to ashes.

Laxman Joo says that the kundalini rises in four stages, from the root muladhara to manipuraka at navel, from manipuraka to anahata at the heart, from anahata to visuddhi at the throat, from visuddhi to ajna between the eye brows, and finally from ajna to sahasrara at the crown. Each of these spaces measures twelve finger wide. Nothing can stop this movement once started. However, if the practitioner is still caught in worldly desires, the energy does not move further.

All i know is this.

When i practised the tantric process if raising the kundalini through mantras and yantras, i experienced severe problems with my limbs at each of the chakra locations. In my ignorance and not guided by anyone, i persisted till i nearly lost my eyes. At this point, a mystic guide intervened and taught me what worked for him. When i practiced what he taught me, the same problem with my eyes repeated and i stopped.

Perhaps as Joo says I was still caught in maya. Who isn’t? I have reservations about recommending the tantric route  to anyone with or without guidance.

In later years, i practised the yoga route of samyama, a combination of the last three internal or antaranga yoga stages of dharana, dhyana and samadhi. There was no lightning. But, there was tremendous peace. There was also an increased disengagement from sensory experiences. There was a clear shift from ‘I’ to ‘We’. I am very satisfied with this.

What does this mean to you?

Dharana is the focus and awareness at each of the chakra locations as i had already explained in the last post, Whorls of Life. Once mastered, move to a single pointed meditation on each chakra, without using any mantra or form. As this practice matures, there will be a tendency to disassociate from you as the practitioner and observe the process as you as a witness.

This may to some appear as a no thought space. However, awareness as the witness remains. The experiencer retains this as a memory.

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