The 11 th Dharana of Shiva from Vigyana Bhaira Tantra is:

Closed eyes, attention on the crown of the head

Mind centered, intent on the supreme goal

Discern Shiva

I acknowledge this graphic of sahasrara from the Net.

Sahasrara , technically, is not a chakra. It is the gateway to Self Realization after the last Chakra, ajna, between the eyebrows. Reaching the sahasrara, and experiencing the bliss of the thousand petal lotus in full bloom, is what many spiritual seekers aim for. It’s a difficult but fascinating journey.  

The supreme goal that Shiva talks about in this dharana is himself. When the kundalini shakti is aroused from the root muladhara chakra and she travels through the swadishthana or groin chakra, manipuraka or navel chakra, anahata or heart chakra, visuddhi or throat chakra, to reach ajna, the third eye chakra, she is still not home. Her home is Shiva in the sahasrara.

When the inner energy of the mind body, Shakti, reaches the abode of supreme consciousness of Shiva at the sahasrara, she is whole. This is the point of all Self Realization.

Shiva has made this dharana very simple, and it is.  If the aspirant has practised the previous 10 dharanas diligently, he or she shall have no problem in experiencing this dharana and realizing Shiva. Those who have a problem, would need to go back to step 1.

This dharana is the sahasrara meditation, in a sense the most complete and fulfilling meditation.

The dharana involves shutting down all senses, as the ultimate pratyahara. Focus or be mindful of the sahasrara, and have only the thought of reaching Shiva. Shiva does not have to be in form. It’s better if he is not. Visualize the highest goal of your inner energy uniting with her Consciousness and becoming whole. Visualize gratitude, surrender and bliss. 

Sahasrara is the seat of gratitude. Shakti reaches Shiva and surrenders in gratitude.

I have found it useful combining this dharana with a gratitude meditation.  Think of every one who has cared for you from your birth, your mother, father, the doctors and nurses who delivered you, the teachers and relatives who nurtured you, your siblings who helped you grow, friends and colleagues you interacted with and those who you never normally think of who have helped you such as the milk man, post man, grocer, and the check out cashier. Feel the gratitude intensely.

Recollect all of them with gratitude. If any bad feelings come up, drop them. Forgive them forgive yourself and love them. Express gratitude as it flows from the thousand petalled lotus of the sahasrara. Immerse yourself in bliss. Some of you may be in tears after this. I have had people who repaired relationships damaged since long after this meditation. 

Gratitude is the noblest of all emotions. When you’re in deep gratitude, you surrender unconditionally. It is in that state Shakti reaches Shiva, and so should you. 

When you are in deep gratitude, you are in surrender to the cosmic consciousness, Shiva. You are home.