I acknowledge this graphic of beej mantras or seed sounds from the Net.

In the 19th dharana of Vigyana Bhirava Tantra Shiva says,

Meditating on letters of seed sounds

Focusing on the void in each

Reach Shiva

When fully understood, practised and realized, this dharana alone can achieve all one seeks to achieve through raising the kundalini. I have stayed away from this after negative experiences. My limitation, not Shiva’s fault!

The seed sounds or pinda mantras that Shiva mentions in this dharana refer to the six mantras commonly associated with the 6 chakras.

These mantras Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham and AUM  link to muladhara (root), swadishthana (groin) , manipuraka (navel) , anahata (heart) , vishuddhi (throat) and ajna (mid eyebrow) chakras. The mmmm or bindu of AUM associates with the bindu and sahasrara chakras on the head.

Numerous tantric texts describe the ritual process of awakening the kundalini by visualizing the deities associated with each chakra along with the yantra depictions of petalled roses and color, while meditating on the beej mantras. The purpose of this process in achieving the merger of Shakti with Shiva at the crown chakra represents the ultimate aim of realizing one’s own Self , which is divinity.

Such realized spirits will be at the deepest satvic state possible. The few examples i know of, Ramana, Ramakrishna, Kanchi Paramacharya, never practised these rituals.  

Looking at those who claim to have practised kundalini raising and achieved Self Realization will make you run for your life. What they do in the name of their assumed divinity arises from a blocked ajna chakra, leading to unbridled thirst for power, name and fame, related to ego or ahankara. Often, the blocked ajna chakra also blocks the lower chakras including the muladhara, leading to lust, greed and fear.

Those who know about Maslow’s hierarchy can understand this as a progression in reverse, while claiming self actualization. Therefore, i avoid these realized spirits and also the practice.

Shiva cannot be wrong.

The beej mantras have great power; power, so great that it needs to be handled with enormous care. They hold tremendous energy. In addition to these six beej mantras i have mentioned, others such as Hrim, Klim etc have also been included in this list. Each of these mantras generates a vibration that model a higher power. For instance, Lam, associated with the muladhara links with the element earth, deity Ganesa and such other attributes. Constant meditation upon this mantra helps imbibe the associated values of Ganesa. AUM models Maha Iswara, who i take as Shiva.

Of these mantras, from my limited experience, i would only recommend AUM. As i said earlier, this arises from my limitations and experiences.  The first two parts of AUM, the audible loud and whispering  parts AU, connect with the ajna chakra between the eyebrows. The last and silent mmmm connects with the bindu and sahsrara at the back of and top of the head.

Intoning AUM, starting aloud and ending in silence, again and again,  till such time as you feel the vibration without having to chant the mantra, achieves the desired outcome in this mantra sadhana, or practice.

Several years ago, in an ashram i stayed, the morning prayers comprised only AUM chanting. Starting at 4 AM a large group of people chanted AUM exactly in this manner. Aloud, whispering and then silent. What i experienced had a very different dimension. After a while, i had no need to chant. AUM chanted in me.