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In the 20th dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra Shiva Says,

Meditate on all directions all at once within mindbody

Freed from all thoughts as the void 

Dissolve into Shiva 

The commentary on this dharana in Ascent by Bihar School of Yoga, which normally is on the mark, confused me. Swami Satyasangadanada Saraswati says to first define one’s directions within the body and then conceptualize a void. i could not work on this. I then referred to Laxman , who says to look in all directions around the body and feel nothing. This worked for me.

Joo’s commentary made sense because of an experience i had during my vipassana meditation. Around the seventh day, as i went through the regular body awareness process as a kriya, i suddenly felt empty. In place of the body consciousness, i felt a molecular energy vibrating within. A truck could have passed through me and it wouldn’t have made a difference. For the first time, i understood the meaning of soonya, void.

I asked the master what this meant. He said, anicchha, this too shall pass.

That evening Goenka spoke about the void experience in his video. Obviously, this formed part of the vipassana process. Others , many others, have experienced this. I experienced nothing special. At one level i felt deflated. At another, i felt very grateful. 

When i read this VBT dharana the first time, this is how i understood it.

Keep scanning the body in all parts and all directions, again and again, till you scan all of the body in one go, all together and the body awareness disappears. Sounds strange, since the body awareness process either in vipassana or yoga nidra seeks to create a powerful mindbody awareness, allowing us to feel every sensation. In fact, i felt parts of my body in excruciatingly painful detail, as i sat through the one hour unmoving meditations.

At some stage though, the process removes the mindbody awareness, replacing it with only an energy awareness.

In NLP, Connierae Andreas has developed the Core Transformation Process, leading to discovery of the being state. When i worked on this myself, i found myself realizing a nothing state as the being state. Multiple paths lead to similar truths.

For a practitioner, this dharana may no make full sense unless one has practised yoga nidra at the advanced level or has undergone vipassana. Then, what i say can be experienced, for sure.

Personally, i believe that this dharana has a tremendous medical and health value. I have used the process when i have a physiological problem or pain. With the loss of body awareness, the problem and pain dissolve in the void. Or is it in Shiva?