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In the 21st dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says,

Contemplating together voids of the back and root

May the independent inner energy 

Free you into Shiva’s energy

This dharana leads from the previous one on directions. It takes one deeper into the void and energy.

Shiva used the word soonya in the dharana repeatedly. Also in several other dharanas.

Soonya means emptiness in Sanskrit, also void. It can also mean freedom, liberation, and release from mind body sensations and awareness. Buddha refers to this as the nibbhana or nirvana state. Very correctly, in my limited view, Buddha denies the God principle enshrined in other religions.

Buddha denied rituals. He denied the image of God that man constructed in his image and continued to worship to for self-satisfaction and controlling others. Some call him atheist, I believe was the only theist, but refused to conform to religious ritualistic beliefs.

Shiva does not talk about God in the entire Vigyana Bhairava Tantra. He talks of energy and void . he shows us how to reach this energy and void by looking within. If one reads deeply into his words, Shiva makes no difference between energy and void. Shakti, energy, resides in soonya, Shiva. Shiva embodies soonya, emptiness, liberation or whatever word you wish to use.

Shiva had, in earlier techniques, advised Shakti on other methods of reaching the void space of being, where nothing material exists. In the last dharana technique Shiva talked about losing body mind awareness by losing awareness of all directional references. Here, he goes further.

Shiva refers to root and back, the beginning and the middle part of the spine. In human beings, as with all mammals, the spine signifies a great evolutionary advancement. The spine provides us form and support. Without the spine, mammals cannot move the way they do. Humans cannot walk. 

In this dharana, Shiva removes that support. By removing the support, he removes the need for this support. Without this support, the material body mind as we understand it ceases to exist. Even reptiles and fish have some form of spine. Absence of the spine takes us back to cellular structure. Try to visualize yourself in the cellular form with no root and base.

This is the pathway to the void.

I talked about this experience in my last blog, one that occurred during my vipassana. Shiva provides the conceptual understanding of this experience.

What practical use would this be, you may ask?

Let us say you too, like i do, experience a chronic back issue. Physicians diagnose this as a spinal defect. In today’s sedentary lifestyle 70% or more suffer from spine related pain. Has it become evolutionary?

For a moment, imagine you have no spine. Where has the pain gone?

The pain no longer has a root and a back to support it. Next time you experience back pain try this. First become aware of the pain. Locate it. Don’t distract your mind from the pain. Instead , focus. localise it to the point where it starts , the spine or near the spine. Then, remove the base on which this pain rests. As Lennon says, Imagine; if you try it, it becomes easy.