The 24 th dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra continues from the 23rd, about body awarensss.

In this dharana, Shiva says,

Focus on the matter that makes the body 

All as empty

Still your mind to reach Shiva

Here Shiva provides a technique to empty the mind body.

In the last dharana, which too focused on the body, and treating it as void, i mentioned the five sheaths of body mind and four stages on consciousness. In this dharana, Shiva digs deeper into the constituents of mind body matter. From the energy level of sheaths and conscious states, he moves to physical states of matter.

Vedic scriptures define seven fundamental elements of mind body matter, formed by the five energies of earth, water, fire, wind and space. These seven elements called dhatu are: Rasa or Plasma, Rakta or Blood, Mansa or Muscles,  Meda or Fat, Asti or Bone, Majja or Marrow , Shukra or vital energy.

Those familiar with vipassana or similar body awareness meditation would be familiar with scanning the body from head to toe, up and down. Here, we scan inside, going deeper and deeper till we reach the vital energy and transcend it to reach the void. This dharana requires some imagination and visualisation. Once we get familiar with the process, it’s an enjoyable journey traveling within. One can visualise oneself as a cell, moving through the blood stream, the bones and muscles, and then travelling within the cell.

With some practice, this technique can be used for self-healing. Methods such as Silva Mind Control, extend this process  to scan others and heal. Variations of this theme in Pranic healing, Reiki etc reflect as chakra scanning. As we shall see in later techniques, chakras, as the energy centers,  control our emotions. Healing at the emotional and mental level occurs best through chakras. Body healing can be effectively addressed through this dharana. It can be easy if you try!

This dharana seeks to creating the emptiness within, leading to stillness of the mind body. Healing  occurs on the way.