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In the 30th dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says:

Let the fire of fate burn your world

Be firm and determined

Let Shiva emerge in you

This verse continues from the previous verse on Fire of Time. Both refer to the impermanence of the world around us and the need to realize this impermanence.

Shiva’s words have been echoed by Shankara and later by Ramana Maharishi. Shankara talks about Maya. Many scholars wax eloquent on how Maya is created by Prakriti etc, which has no practical relevance. Who cares about who created Maya, the illusion that we have about the reality of what we experience? Does it matter?

What matters is that what we see around us and experience as reality is a mere perception of our personal reality. This is why we constantly have differences of opinions and conflicts, sometimes leading to wars. People kill each other to validate their perceptions, which are delusional. The unreality of our perceptions in time and space is Maya. Nothing IS  in the longer term. This is why Shiva talks about kaalaagni, the fire of time or fire of fate that burns everything we hold real to ashes over time and space.

Modern psychology and science support Shiva. Quantum Physics proves that the observer creates his own reality. In that sense, nothing is real, everything our own creation of reality. NLP, CBT and similar psychological therapies base their approaches on the frailty of our perceptions and the need to reframe them to improve our mental and emotional health.

Ramana Maharishi’s unique process of self inquiry builds on the premise of the unreality of our body mind system. Ramana’s process removes layers of unreality to provide us a glimpse of the everlasting reality of our own Self.

Shiva’s process takes a far more direct and practical approach. Burn your current reality, says Shiva. Burn the world you created and only then will you glimpse the real world. For some this can be a dangerous approach. When everything around you burns down and nothing seems to be available to support your fanciful delusional perceptions, you stand at the brink of  chasm.

The other side of the chasm liberates you. Yet, we hesitate and hold back. what if, we say, what if we fall?

Shiva exhorts you to fall! Only by falling into that chasm by burning your current reality will you even glimpse the truth beyond tome and space boundaries, and realize the futility of the delusions you have held thus far.

Are you ready to take that risk and burn your world? Are you ready to become Shiva?