Tantra I acknowledge this graphic from the Internet. In the 32nd dharana of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says: Enter the heart breathing subtly Being conscious of the dream state Awaken Shiva within I have talked earlier about the four states of consciousness explained in Mandukya Upanishad, Awake, Dreaming, Deep sleep and the Fourth State of disengaged witnessing. Tantra says that in the Awake state, our consciousness rests in the Ajna chakra between our eye brows, in the Dream state at the Vishuddhi chakra in the throat region, and in the Deep Sleep state in the Anahata chakra in the heart region. Tantra calls these points of focus as dvadasanta. From each of these three states, one can move into the Fourth State through control of breath, leading to control of thoughts. In this dharana, Shiva takes us into disengagement through the Dream state. Joo’s commentary on this dharana says that one should begin the process by breathing deeply and with sound, in any regular asana posture, possibly sitting in padmasana or even sukhasana, with one’s focus on the point between the eyebrows, throat or heart, and as one feels drowsy, gently lie down focused in the heart region. In this state one can control one’s dreams and make one’s dreams come true. I travelled this process slightly differently, and quite effectively. I teach this with some variations. Start by sitting in sukhasana, simple cross-legged sitting posture, or even sitting in a chair with legs planted on the ground and hands on lap, and breath deep, initially with sound and gradually more silently, with attention focused between the eyebrows. Gently and slowly, after several minutes, move attention to the throat region. The movement inwards may lead to a sense of drowsiness. At this stage, lie down in a shavasana or corpse posture completely relaxed, and shift attention from the throat region to the heart. As you lie relaxed and yet fully aware, create the content of what you wish to dream about and Shiva says you will. In my own personal experience, you can go far beyond just your dream. What you plant as an intent in this state and dream about with awareness, or visualize about, you create as reality. The intent embeds in your deep sleep awareness of which the heart forms the center, and works its magic in which ever state you may be. You create a personal Vision Board within your mind that never fails to come true. I have taught this as a process to create one’s own future, and hundreds have confirmed as to how effectively and successfully this works. Try it. Shiva never fails.