Mindful of the universe of time and space

Gross becoming subtle and then beyond

Let the mind merge into Shiva 

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In this 33rd verse of Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva leads us through another dharana, technique of focusing the mind,  to go deeper into awareness.

In taking people through mindfulness in my own programs, i help them experience this technique the way i have practiced it for several years.

Start with deep breathing, inhaling and exhaling, and continue for a few minutes. Once your breathing becomes steady and deep, pause between breaths. Inhale, pause, exhale pause. Shiva taught us this practice early in the game. So, this should be easy for you.

Now, while inhaling, visualize inhaling the energy of the universe within your mind body. Let the mind body become energized, refreshed, and rejuvenated. As you pause, or hold the breath after inhalation, allow this inhaled energy to spread within you, to every part of the body. Visualize this deeply as reality. Bring your awareness to every part of your body, from the crown of the head to the tips of your toes, and  feel this inhaled energy refreshing that part.

This may not happen in one breath, when you pause after you inhale. Create this awareness gradually, part by part, and gently, till finally you are able to scan the entire body in one sweep from head to toe, experiencing this reality.

Now, you exhale. as you exhale allow your mind body to expand into the energy of the universe. Allow the energy within to connect with the energy without, of the universe. Gradually, you will find yourself experiencing a shift in time and space. Visualize, as reality, growing out of this self-imposed prison of mind body into the freedom of the beyond. Move from the gross mind body into the subtler energy, and then into the beyond, even though you have no idea what the beyond holds for you. Be adventurous.

Finally, as you pause, and hold your breath after inhalation, allow yourself to merge with the energy of the universe. Feel that your mind body exists no more, and that you have become pure energy.

As you continue this technique of visualized breathing, inhaling, holding, exhaling and holding, inhaling energy, filling every pore with that energy as you hold, expanding into the energy of the universe as you expand, and becoming mind body less as you hold, you will experience a shift to mindfulness. You will experience intense liberation.

One of the most basic, and most enjoyable dharanas, this leads you into Shiva state.