Practicing thus expanding into Universe

Reaching the essence of Shiva

Experience the Shiva Consciousness

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In this 34th verse, Shiva continues with the previous technique and takes us beyond.

In the earlier technique, Shiva taught us to expand into the universe and experience being one with the universe.

To recapitulate, as you inhale feel the energy of the universe filling you. As you hold the inhaled breath, allow this energy to permeate every part of your gross body, rejuvenating you. As you exhale, allow yourself to expand with the breath into the energy of the universe that you breathed in earlier. Finally as you hold, allow your mind body self to dissolve and become one with the universal energy.

As you practice this technique, as I do every day, you start experience true mindfulness, in becoming the energy that we essentially form part of. This experience liberates you from all bondages, both physical and mental. It helps relieve pain. i found it excellent to overcome spondylosis and sciatic pains.

This practice also enables disengagement. Mentally and emotionally, one becomes free of whatever happens around us, and raise us to a witnessing mode.

In this dharana, Shiva tells us to experience the energy of the universe as our reality. Ads you hold the breath after inhalation, allow yourself to explore the unknown space of what lies beyond our mind body. Let whatever happens, happen. You will experience the essence of Shiva.

Let the simplicity of this technique not fool you. It contains extraordinary ability to shift our consciousness from the physical reality of our mind body to something that we have never experienced before. The first time I experienced this shift, after having patiently practiced this technique for a while, i found myself dissolving into nothingness. A truck could have passed through me for all it mattered.

The first time i had this experience, it happened on the eighth day of a ten-day Vipassana program. Strangely for me at that time, the video tape of Goenka that played that evening talked about this dissolving or soonya experience. Obviously, millions have experienced this before.

However, i never re-experienced this with continued practice of Vipassana based mindfulness. When i learnt this technique and practiced it for a few days, within minutes mind body dissolved. I could now repeat the experience.

I have no pretensions to scriptural scholarship. However,I believe that this practice leads to the experience of mind body dissolution, the gateway between the deep sleep or prajna awareness and the fourth Turiya state of true mindfulness. With continued practice, one glimpses the Shiva reality.