Realize this universe to be void

Dissolve mind body in that energy

Become the state of Shiva

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In this 35th verse, Shiva reaches the grand finale of the last few techniques.

First, Shiva taught us the technique of breathing in , holding, breathing out and holding, while experiencing the reality of shifting out of the gross mind body state. Shiva, then, told us to be one with the energy of the cosmos. Now, he goes beyond.

To sum up,  as you inhale, fill yourself with the energy of the cosmos, rejuvenating you. As you hold the inhaled breath, visualize this energy filling every part of your mind body. As you exhale, allow your mind body to expand into the cosmic energy. Finally, as you hold your breath after inhalation, visualize you being the cosmic energy.

Many ask how to breathe. Should we breath to four, hold to six , exhale to eight, hold to six and so on. Forget all these elementary pranayama techniques. They become a barrier to mindfulness. How can you count and be mindful? It’ll an exercise in futility.

Just breath comfortably. If your inhalation is longer than exhalation, so be it. If you find it difficult to hold the breath longer after exhalation, make it short. What matters is the intent. Gradually, the mind body will get used to this strange process, and you will settle into a comfortable rhythm. This rhythm may change after a day! So be it.

Forget control. This exercise, this dharana, liberates. Let go! Only then Shiva will happen.

In this dharana, Shiva says that after expanding into the universe, as you hold the breath after exhalation, and then gradually move into becoming one with the universe in this state, become nothing. You heard Shiva right, nothing at all.

I preempted this verse, a few verses earlier, by describing my experience of nothingness, soonya, during Vipassana. Shiva refers to that state of complete dissolution of mind body awareness, leading you into nothingness.

What does one feel then?

If this state truly represented nothingness, would one recall it, as i do? Therefore, is it nothingness? I have no idea. I came closest to nothingness with this technique, and i do remember it, and i teach it.

When some learned masters talk about a soonya meditation, and people understand them as a state of being in nothing, coming out remembering nothing, it seems a misunderstanding. Prajna and Turiya represent states of deep awareness. To me, Turiya represents true mindfulness.

Being void, being nothing, being soonya, represents the complete disengagement from gross mind body reality, leading to the awareness of who we really are. We no longer feel the mind body gross state, a state of ego, but merge into the energy of the collective consciousness of the cosmos. I becomes We.

Krishna taught us this in the Bhagavad Gita, when he exhorted us to disengage from the outcome of the gross mind body and become mindful of the supreme reality beyond. Shiva teaches us how.

I know of no greater masters!