I acknowledge this picture from the Internet, depicting Spiral Dynamics.

In this 39th verse and dharana technique of Shiva from Vigyana Bhairava Tantra, Shiva says:

Expand into existence mindless

Body mind energy merged in consciousness

Let Shiva emerge in you.

Shiva’s technique raises a number of questions. What is the mindless state? What is consciousness? How are mind and body different from energy?

In a sense, these are fundamental questions, which scholars can and do debate endlessly, with no outcome. None of these has a satisfactory answer, except experientially. But then , as the Upanishads say, one who has experienced does not speak, and one who speaks has not experienced. As one who speaks, take my words with large spoonfuls of salt. Experience your own reality. They differ from mine.

This technique is about reality. All our reality is perceptions. Shankara’s maya does not negate the reality of what we experience day after day in the gross and subtle bodies. Shankara merely says that this perceived reality differs from person to person, time to time, and space to space and therefore unreal. Western psychologists agree with this now.

Mind and body create perceptions. Since each of us has unique mind and body, our perceptions too stay unique. They remain our individual reality. When we move beyond the mind body awareness, beyond the gross and subtle body boundaries, we gradually drop the mind body and enter the energy space. Unlike the mind body space, the ghatakasa and even the chidakasa, which are perceptional realities of mind body, the energy space, mahakasa belongs to all. Carl Jung called this the collective unconscious. Those who read his lectures on Kundalini can understand how clearly Jung relates our inner energy to a universal consciousness.

For want of a better word in english, i call this the mindless state. Buddha called this sunya, nothingness, and Shankara called it purna, fullness, both meaning the same, the absolute state of pure fulfilling energy, beyond mind body. Mandukya Upanishad calls this Turiya, the Fourth State, beyond gross, subtle and causal bodies, the state of pure consciousness. Others call it atman, brahman, nirvana, moksha, and kaivalya, all referring to a state of being not doing, witnessing not engaging, and being in a state neither active nor passive, but actively passive, Shiva merged in Devi, Purusha merged in Prakriti.

The reader may like to Ken Wilber and others on Spiral Dynamics & Integral Theory, which build on similar logic.

To realize the state that Shiva talks, practice Vipassana and/or Yoga Nidra. To start with, inhale the energy of the universe, hold to let it fill every part of you, exhale into the universal energy, and hold as you merge into it. I have taught this simple practice to many, who have experienced moving beyond the mind body state into that mindless state of energy. You too can and will.